Monday, January 9, 2012

What did you just put in your mouth?!

(Hi Readers, Im gonna start out with this post is probably rated pg-13 today, so read with caution.)

Its easy to say "NOT ME". "That's not me", "Its not affecting me". "I'm not obese". "I eat healthy". "Im fine". "This is blown out of proportion right". "My kids are totally active and fit".....

NOPE. Now don't get me wrong. I love my meat, I'm not gonna beat down the door of the Pork manufacturer. Bottom line is If I was to kill the animals at home, Like a chicken...It still has to be killed, Then drained, and scalded to remove feathers (I assume we are much more humane about the process than the industry)SO Theres the Life cycle, Food chain, I get that...Its all the other crap I don't understand. Injecting the animals so they grow faster. Sticking the chickens in cages where they cannot move, after searing off theirs beaks, grinding male chicks because they are of no use, Starving the chickens for 2 weeks at a time so their body is forced into a serious laying cycle....(I don't want to eat a piece of meat that was depressed sick and severely pissed off. Probably not so good for the meat,. right)...Injecting them with hormones and antibiotics.

Roughly 70% of all antibiotics manufactured are given to farm animals within the industry. I dont know about you but the more I read the more I dont want to put another industry manufactured animal on my plate.

ALSO, did you know that It is a common industry practice to infuse ground beef with carbon monoxide gas, which keeps beef red for weeks after it actually already spoiled. When we go into the store and buy our meat, take hamburger for instance.... By the time you get it home its browning around the edges...but still red on the inside. Thats only partially blood in the meat. The rest is dye. Its the same with our crops. They get harvested, dipped in chlorine to stop the aging process so they don't spoil to quickly, Stuck in a truck, taken to the warehouse, shipped again. When they get into the next truck they are passed through a C102 cloud to once again prevent them from aging. And then sprayed again when they get to the store shelves, Where you the consumer are presented with a shiny, ripe, very appealing piece of fruit or vegetable, And you have No idea that it was just picked, tossed, boxed, triple sprayed, injected, driven for 2-7 days in a chemical filled truck, then placed in your produce isle. Not to mention all the spraying and things that happened to it while it was growing.


The Husband and I have been planning on raising cattle, free range chickens, and pigs and goats for the milk, eggs, and meat. This is all pushing me to get to that point quicker....

Ok, So Basically when I went shopping the other day, I bought as much unprocessed healthy food as I could. What wasn't there or wasn't affordable I gave in on. From the outside I had a perfectly healthy cart. After doing some research and calculations, Ive determined friends, that in one week .....

I have ingested 14 different pesticides everyday for 7 days..= thats 98 servings of PESTICIDE!

Chlorine and C102 on my non organic produce.

In My Meat I have ingested and fed my young children, In one meal....(x that by 21 meals for the week)
.....Synthetic Growth Hormone, Nitrates & Nitrites, Antibiotics, Arsenic. also Red Dye, Carbon Monoxide, & dewormer.

I have ingested Condiments infused with chemicals.

Cleaned my house with chemical cleaners that have soaked into my eating and prep surfaces.

This is crazy!!! That's so much foreign unhealthy stuff in my body!

Whats that junk in my meat???, You asked.....
(*SYNTHETIC GROWTH HORMONE (This is proven to cause puberty in girls as young as 7, I'm OK with NOT buying my 3rd grader a training bra, please!)
*ANTIBIOTICS.....Don't they shove enough down us already!

*NITRATES AND NITRITES....=Nitrates and nitrites are chemicals used to cure and preserve meats like hot dogs and deli meats and bacon. They also help to maintain color, flavor and extend shelf life. Consumption of processed meats containing these chemicals have been linked to increased rates of bladder cancer, heart disease, obesity and diabetes. When meat is grilled, nitrates and nitrites combine with natural chemicals in the meat to form carcinogenic nitrosamines.

*ARSENIC... is a notoriously poisonous metalloid....used because it improves the color of chickens. WT%?)

And then theres these Guys seriously overpaying Farmers to bypass Morals and Keep on heading straight til they reach over medicated, hormone infused, forced to grow as quickly as possible, to get the cows to the shelf sooner......

Have you ever heard the saying, we are what we eat? Of course, who hasn't. Well its true. We are what we put into our bodies. We consume caffeinated drinks, energy drinks, crack in a bottle shots, and sure we're up and awake for a minute, shaky, a little jumpy, but were awake right,.....Until we crash. Our body was forced by unnatural chemicals to push through and now its exhausted.
We love our fast food right,....

 Im No better than you. Ive yet to find a Jack in the box in Kentucky, Believe you and me, If I had access to one, Id be in serious trouble. I was just telling my husband Id give mty left knee and everything below it for 2 tacos, and some cheddar bacon wedges. Maybe a sourdough jack. But I always feel sluggish afterwards, a little blah.
I can tell the difference in my body every time I eat something over processed, preserved, and chemical covered. Its so easy for us to not be aware of the dangers around us.
This blog started with one line this morning,....The rest grew in the hour I spent studying. I challenge you to do the same. Grow your own produce. Shop Farmers market( even if they're not totally organic, they have considerably less than that of a large scale farmer using industrial ones) Raise your own meat. Just start with a couple chickens. Or a pig. 4H is always giving away their animals at the end of its school year...:) If you cant slaughter yourself, take them into the butcher. Or buy your meat from an organic local butcher. In the long run you spend less raising and slaughtering your own meat. And get safer food.
Also You can trade meat for butcher services instead of cash in some places.
I hope everyone can find some inspiration in today's blog and maybe make a small change in their shopping habits or diet. The image of foreign chemicals, poisons, and rotting spoiled food passing through my children's bodies is enough for me...

From my organic blog to your organic mind.....ha ha, I hope you enjoyed. -Miranda

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