Monday, January 9, 2012

Delish Lunch Idea Moms...

So Im ALWAYS looking for something delicious and entertaining and healthy. Something that kids wont get tired of.

Occasionally we like to do things like celery with Peanut butter and Cranberrys/Raisins on top...Called "Ants on a Log"

Or we like to do whole apple slices with cream cheese on them, Then top with Pecans.

But Today we tried something new.

Now you can do this recipe with tortillas, Or anything in your fridge.

I used 100% Stone ground Whole Wheat Flat bread. (from flat out) Its just like a tortilla. But better.

I then spread some chunky peanut butter on it,

Drizzled some Local fresh honey in there to, Then added a banana.

I rolled it up like a burrito. And Wallah!!! A Healthy alternative to bread and jelly. My youngest one loves it.... 

(ps anyone know how to turn pics on this blog. Lol)

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