Tuesday, January 17, 2012

My gratitude to someone special.

I was sitting here thinking, and I had a small flashback. I rememeber the very first time I was introduced to this more natural way of living. To Homeopathy and Natural Medicine.
I was on a road trip with a very good friend, and I came down with a horrible cold/flu and just remember feeling awful. Sore throat, headache, crappy feeling all over.
Anyways, she stopped off at a small store and bought some Echinacea spray, Echinacea lozenges, and chewable Vitamin C.

She took care of me on the road til I felt good as new.

She taught me how to ride horses bare back, and taught me to care for their health, and their foals, and how to imprint them. She taught me to pick wild berries. And to appreciate nature and the world around me, From the creation of a life, to the most peaceful flutter of a butterfly. She taught me to travel, and to love the road. (Which is something that to this day I cannot control,......... the need to be on the road or discovering somewhere new.) She taught me to drive. She gave me solitude and a place to hide when the world was rough. She showed me how a simple seed could grow into something beautiful and vibrant with love........

She had a big impact on my life. She helped shape parts of me. Taught me to love and trust, and to live natural and simply and peacefully. Most important, she taught me that sometimes you have to let it go if its not healthy for you.

Since I was 15, she has always been an inspiration to me. And always will be.
A best friend to me, A Big Sister to me. And Someone I will always, no matter what look up to.

 So, Thank you to you for shaping me,...


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