Monday, February 18, 2013

Where have you been??

Hello blog followers,
Though my views are far many more than my followers....Those few of you are priceless.. Lol

I have had a lot of emails asking "Where are you OGIK"...
Well, Ive been busy. And very possibly , Hiding out.

As of my last post, We had a near fatal car accident.. One night last spring, we were visiting friends. It was just before mothers day, The kids were playing, I was sewing a quilt...It got late. Anyways we decided it was time to go home. We had our truck out that night, with its slightly balled tires, ok, they needed to be replaced, and it was on the to do list... We never drove it, because we had the car, which was way better on gas....ok, Im rambling. Anyways, we had loaded the back with ten bales of hay and were on our way home, then came the first rain of the season...And around a 45 degree corner we went, rain pouring....

The truck on its crappy tires spun...The only thing that stopped us was a few trees. In the longest fifteen seconds or so of my life, we spun, i gasped, then we played ping pong between two large trees. The truck was totaled. It was raining. I was scared. We jumped out...all three kids were in the back, two of them of them not breathing. .




My baby...5 years old.
We ripped her from the car seat and started cpr. She coughed, and breathed. We checked the others. they were ok, some bruising, bleeding, fear,.....but nothing life threatening.
Just so happens we were in a bad cell spot and i could not get my fingers to dial 911...every time i tried. I hit 9...CALL.
191 CALL.

Finally i just hit redial in my list. My brother came from around the corner. And A passer by. An angel from God, stopped on this desolate road in the middle of the night in the pouring rain,....And called 911 just seconds after it happened. Someone else from a nearby house had called too. I held my baby begging her to stay with me, begging God to watch over us. I was In shock. Severe shock. what seemed like 45 minutes later, the ambulance found us.
My baby had a section of her skull caved in, several skull fractures...And they said she wouldnt make it.

She hit her head on someting, we dont know what...either the side of her car seat, or her sisters head.
Anyways, as this floods back, the ability to type or even think straight is quickly leaving me, So lets just jump to the end here. She was placed in Childrens hospital in Nashville after the hospital here said they could do nothing. a week in the NICU. life support, ventilation, tubes, meds, coma, pain...they finally ruled out surgery, and said she would be ok, but would never smile again or have facial movement...

They were wrong!!!
PRAISE THE LORD> Only because of Him, because of all the thousands of prayers.....because of his undeserving Love and Mercy, did my baby beat the odds, and walk out of that hospital a week later, perfect as she ever was. Her only residual affect is a small spot on her skull which is flat, not round.

Needless to say, We became incredibly over bearing protective parents.
This year we started homeschooling all three of our babies. 5,7,and 9.
So i have been insanely busy loving and protecting my little world. My bit of heaven on earth...
But promise to get the site back up and running for you all....

Check out Prayers for Cheyenne on Face book. Its our journey of that of week, and without all those prayers,..i dont know where we would be today. It had over 800 members within 6 hours of the accident.

God is so good.
And now i need to go...breathe and get off this memory roller coaster.
I love all my OGIK readers.
See ya all later, and thank you for continuing to check back

~ Miranda