Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Yellow Zucchini Casserole

As promised, here is the recipe for last night.

I Boiled about 16 oz of spinach pasta in a stock pot while i made the sauce.
In a separate skillet, I drizzled about 2 TBS of Sun roasted tomato Olive Oil. Into the oil I added 1 red onion chopped small. 2 pearl onions, and 3-4 cloves of garlic.
I seasoned with oregano, sea salt, and pepper.


After a few minutes I added 3 yellow zucchini's, slices about 1/4 inch thick.(I peeled and washed it first.)

I let them all saute for about 5 minutes.
Then I added 1 can of diced tomatoes with peppers in it.

After that I stirred in 1 jar of tomato sauce.
And 1 lb of cooked hamburger meat. You can do it with Mutton, or Turkey.
I also chopped up a handful of fresh Parsley and a small clump of fresh Cilantro.

Then I let it all cook together for ten minutes. Add a pinch of Paprika and a little more Sea Salt and Pepper.

It was already so good by this point!!! The Zucchini takes on any flavor you want it to.

Then I added the Pasta to the Pan. Sprinkle with mozzarella cheese.

I used a hand full of cheese, but you can use more or less. Or substitute with cream cheese or ricotta.

Then I pored my sauce on top of this and added another handful of cheese.


Cook it at 350- for about 10-15 minutes just to melt the cheese and heat the pasta through.

Serve with an Organic, fresh Salad & a homemade vinaigrette..

Mine has honey, vinegar, Olive oil, Dijon, And agave.


Monday, February 6, 2012


So the much dreaded, feared, and unruly monster in the night has finally reached my home.

It would seem only fit that after 8 years of no major childhood illnesses, other than the few self inflicted, that I would feel comfortable assuming that most of those things we dread as early or new parents,....Would finally happen to me. Ive had quite the week of ailments. Last week I found a spot on my sons head that is thought to be Scalp Nevus. Its a random mole and his 2 mini mole buddies that just decided to make a home of my child's scalp. As a parent let me tell you, The Internet is either your best friend or your worse enemy, but never both at the same time. Moms.....We cant be doctors. There is no PHD being given away on Wikipedia. The first thing I thought was possible birthmark, a late bloomer that decided to pop up. Or maybe a mole that I missed that has been growing over time. Then I went online and started to read and find pictures of the same thing that turned out to be a carcinoma, and skin cancers. Or brain tumors finding their way to the surface. I started thinking about what have i fed him, have one of those BPA filled cans with the dent in it contaminated his food in the past. Is it cancer. Will I have a bald son? Will they cut his head? Tubes? Chemo? Radiation? AM I going to lose my only son at 6?

So I made him a doctors appointment. Ok now I just want to clarify that I am a damn good mom looking for safer healthier alternatives for my kids....That doesn't mean that I wont take them to conventional hospitals with conventional medicines and over paid doctors. So that what I did. His doctor, Believe it or not,. Just so happens to think exactly like I do. So she was amazing! She measured it, Reassured me that She didnt think it was cancerous and said to come back in one month. Which I will.

Now theres the other scary monster, the one I was talking about to begin with...


Otherwise, Better known as the much feared Croup.

Cheyenne woke me up tonight, Barking like a seal. Its distinctive. I always wondered what it would sound like and if I would know....And Yep...Sure enough. You KNOW!
I made her a cup of respiratory health tea. Added some honey for the antibacterial properties, and added some agave nectar for xtra sweetness.

Then I sat down. Hello Best Frenemy. It seems to be the first place I go. Thank the good Lord Im a fast reader, Because seriously theres to much on the Bing. lol

I know from all the time in Nursing schools, that with Croup she should have Stridor, Or a harsh sounding in her lower lungs. So I broke out the stethoscope and listened....

Just as I suspected. Stridor, So loud on inhalation that I had to ask her if she was doing that on purpose.
What A God Awful noise to have coming out of your child's lungs.

I read some more about it, It can be very dangerous. If your child has it, or gets it, you need to decide for yourself the best method of tackling this little pest. If you notice excessive drooling, or a hard time swallowing, with your child's croup, You should seek medical attention immediately or call 911.

For me, I weighed the odds. It can be crucial for a child aged newborn-2. Because their lungs are so tiny! And there airways can be easily closed off. However its usually gone by 5, never to be seen from again. After age 5, CROUP, this much feared haggler of the night, Becomes what us mothers know better as the common cold, the flu, or just simply that junk in their lungs(Mucus).

By 5, the kids are more developed, the lungs and airways are bigger, and you have considerably less to worry about.

Although, as I sit here on the couch with her tiny feet in my lap and that horrible barking cough at the other end, I pray that God will heal her and help me to make all the right choices.
Cheybug is 4 so her lungs are healthy and otherwise grown adequately. She gets tons of fresh air, daily, and is very active.

Croup can be managed until its gone. Most children get it 2-6 days after being exposed to a sick kid. It used to be that kids would get the deadly bout of croup from measles and the plague and junk like that, But with the all the shots most kids dont get that stuff now adays. Unlucky for me Chey is non immunized. She cant handle them, or couldn't when she was a baby. Watching your 2 month old struggle for air beneath her Cyanotic distended abdomen is an awful thing.

Anyways, hopefully she doesn't follow this up with the measles.

Like I was saying, Croup doesn't have to be hospitalized until its out of control or not taken care of. I always like to rebuttal with this argument when people tell me how Im an awful mom for not pricking my kids with The "governments secret, animal tested, poison formulas" that supposedly control all the death causing disease but don't affect your body negatively....

If you know your CDC guides on Immunizations like I do, You'll clearly see where the CDC, Center for Disease Control, writes that simple immunizations have worse possible side effects than if your child was to actually get sick.

I am not one of those moms that sends my kid to school sick. I don't ignore little sniffly noises, I immediately spring into action....... See Below.............
(Except my boobs don't look that perky. lol.) I Make soups, and get out the oils, and make midnight tea, and force raw fruits.
So I have a few little suggestions for any moderate cases of Croup....

Mom, you can do this. Stay Calm. Croup is not as bad as we thought. Unless your child is very small and very new. (PS... This is not an advice column on how to ignore the doctor, If your child is too young or under developed get your butt to the hospital) Otherwise, if its manageable. .... Theres no medicine for it anyway unless u need O2 treatments, so they will just monitor it or give you a cough suppressant. Cough suppressants are NEVER good ideas. Don't mask your child's sickness, Deal with it.!!

Invest in teas.  Talk to your local Health food store to see what is in season and in stock.
Wash the bedding extra this week, (But dont go crazy with products like LYSOL and harsh chemicals and aerosols. Some hot water and soap will do the trick. Even squeeze some fresh lemon onto a rag and wipe down furniture.
Moist Air.....Hot bathrooms, Steaming kettles....Cold brisk air outside.
Honey.. A spoonful of honey is an antibacterial, antimicrobial and has amazing healing properties.
Vitamin A,.....
Kali.mur is something that Ive read alot about but Im not sure what it is. Ill find out and let you know.

Also, Eucalyptus Oil. 4 drops mixed with a carrying oil and rubbed on the chest will open the lungs and make breathing easier. Or drop a few drops into a bowl of steamy water.
Peppermint Oil is also effective.
I rubbed a few drops of her chest after her cup of tea and she fell right to sleep breathing easier and not coughing.

I suggest that before you reach for that cough medicine or assume its just another winter bug, Do some research and find out how to naturally, safely, and effectively treat your child. And keep in mind that not all those scary bumps in the night that we've spent years praying to avoid, are really that big of a monster, More like not necessary hype to scare parents into shots and drugs.

The best thing about Naturopathy, is you're not bogging down your kids natural fighters, & filling them with a sluggish poison that prevents their bodies.."God given duties" from doing their jobs. You're also allowing them to build healthy immunities that will be able to fight off illness if it does come your way.

Ill keep you updated, thanks for reading.