Saturday, January 14, 2012

Dirty House, Deadly Cleaners.....

I used to be a major clean freak. I bleached everything. Scrubbed and scoured for hours and hours a week. I would wash cabinets so they remained white. I polished the faucets, and buffed the metal knobs. Used a toothbrush on the grout and the edges of sinks, windows, I would wash the walls to get rid of finger prints. scrubbing crayon marks.

The more kids I had, the harder it was to keep up with..On top of the death defying stunts I pulled each day in tackling the ever dangerous germs that could potentially creep in like a thief in the night, and take over my home..... (Uh HUM- Clearing throat and nervously tapping the table) My husband would tell me not to work so hard. Finally a friend told me that It was ok to have a house that was "lived in". Whether it be baby toys on the floor, finger prints on the fridge, or a dust bunny hiding somewhere.

That I didn't have to go overboard because it took away time I could be using to enjoy the kids, or cuddling on the couch with my husband. So I chilled.
The point of that was, I spent hours everyday with chemicals. Lysol, Mr.Clean, Bleach, Wood Soap, Disinfecting wipes, Magic Erasers, Pine Sol, Scrubbing Bubbles, Windex, and Soft scrub.
And after those hours, my fingers were dry, my skin was irritated, and i tasted bleach and metal when I drank water. I would get nauseous and dizzy and have to open windows and turn on fans,....And then I would continue scrubbing the floors with bleach. Especially when I was nesting.

I wish I knew then what I know now....

Did you know that the average house hold has 63 different hazardous chemicals.

That doesnt include whats in your food, on your produce, in your body care products, or in your home.

Most of the cleaners found on the store shelves, and under your sink, obtain cancer causing chemicals.
Did you know household cleaners are illegal to throw in the trash or pour on the ground, Just like engine oil. And some cleaners have the same things you'd find in a nuclear plant....crazy.

Its like "San Onofre" and an Ax-Murderer living under your Kitchen sink.
With little succulent chocolate cupcakes, trying to lure your kids into his death trap.
Anyone thirsty?? How about an eye wash?

Also theres that whole "ant" problem in summer, You know,......Those pesky little black demons that rampage your sugar bowl, that small annoying drip in the sink, the cereal up high in the cupboard....So why not get that bug spray.
Go ahead,...spray the counter, the floor, the doors and window sills.

I guess someone should tell you how a single granule of the household insecticide's main ingredient "Diazanon", can kill a bird. Whats it do to your pets?
Imagine what it could do to a child.

Natural Bug Repellent.
Safe for children, pets, and the home.

Fill a squirt bottle with water.
Add a dash cinnamon
A pinch of red pepper flakes
A few shakes of hot sauce
Shake,Spray and Wipe off.

This will remove their scent trail and repel them from coming back. Or you can use Borac Acid.

Then I found out that the main ingredient in glass cleaner "glycol ethers" can damage your unborn child, kidneys, blood, and your liver. (just by skin absorption or inhalation)

You can clean your windows effectively and streak free with vinegar and newspaper or rubbing Alcohol.

And toilet bowl cleansers, burn your skin, and cause hormonal imbalances, infertility, and female organ diseases. Think about that when you or your girls are going potty......
Baking Soda can effectively removed hard water stains, soap scum, and the ring in your toilet.

If you prefer to buy your cleaners instead of make them, (Which only comparatively costs pennies on the dollar) Look for Labels that say..

Here's a few house hold tips.

*When burning a candle, Use one made from beeswax. Paraffin is toxic when burned.

*Try enzymes for spot removal or live with the spot. Spot Cleaners are extremely hazardous and contaminate the air.

*Indoor Herbs can disinfect the air in your home naturally.

Also take some time to check out these websites.
And the Veria channel . 218 (dish)

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I know One mom can make a difference in her family and home,

But What if every mom that read this changed just one thing about there families habits and home,,.....

Wed have alot of greener families being organically raised by a natural mom.

Thanks for reading.


Food for Thought: Did you know?.... That Pizza wrapping, candy bar wrapping, popcorn bags, and other junk foods contain cancer causing ingredients.

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