Saturday, January 7, 2012

Golden Carrot Natural Foods...YEAH!

I don't know about you, But I love shopping.
Like in a sick obsessive way, What girl doesnt?

Especially if its new to me, A shop Ive never been in, or something too pricey. Some place thats way out of my pockets league. Ya know,....
Usually I leave these places empty handed or maybe I go in and buy a pair of panties or a set of earrings, maybe a hair band,....Just something cheap enough that I can walk out of the store with one of their Logo plastered bags. I guess I'm shallow enough that I actually believe that those people passing me coming out of the store are noticing that I have a bag in my hand from that classy, over priced place. And this assumption makes my ego feel legitimate. lol. Like Ive stepped up the ladder in my sophisticated womanhood.
For me, It can be a tack store with 800$ saddles. A boot store with 200$ Ariats, and 500$ Tony Lamas.
It could be a jewelry store, a pawn shop, second hand retail, ANTIQUES!!! I love antiques, that's a much needed trip, I could spend an entire day in those rustic dusty shops.

But mostly for me it would have to be a store that I can afford. One that benefits the whole family, and every trip is a new learning experience....

So, Yesterday Me and the hubby went to a little local store called the "Golden Carrot Natural Foods."

Great little shop, Nice people, Limited products, But carry the more popular ones.

I spent 45 minutes quickly skimming the shelves. Picking through the books, Grabbing up the free literature. Smelling the lotions, Reading ingredients, checking out soaps, and filling my cart. The nice thing about these stores is most everything is totally affordable. The more expensive things would be in bulk, or the things used to make tinctures or be taking on a daily basis. Things like Colloidal Silver.

This stuff comes in liquids, gels, and sprays. Its a natural antibacterial. Its great for sore throats, cuts, burns, preventing and shortening colds and flu's, and also amazing for eczema.

Anyways, I highly recommend you make a trip to a Homeopathy or Naturals store. The big ones like Whole Foods are always lots of fun,
(tons of products, great sales..)
but I find that the smaller family owned ones are WAY better. The reason I say this is because the smaller ones like Ramona Family Naturals are very aware of all the things they carry. They dont just tell You what you should take, they actually live by these super foods, and vitamins. They wouldn't give you anything they dont already give their own children.

I don't like walking into a store where someone claims their products are the best and then tell you they don't use them.

Any who, I found some great things and am considering a nice Toxin Detox. They had an amazing selection of books teaching about Gluten free diets (this is great for someone with thyroid problems, or digestive issues.), Herbs for Dummies,( me,..... lol) and a few on house hold remedies...I also picked up "Cold and Flu Time" Tea for the kids. Its like Airborne, but the holistic Chinese version. Its an all natural herbal caffeine free tea. (Made in the USA)

Its completely organic which is always a winner in my book,... even made from oxygen cleaned bags and recycled cardboard....

Honeysuckle flower,
Ginger Root,
Astragulus Root,
Dandelion Root,
Kudzu Root,
White Mulberry,
Chinese Mint,
Lopatherum Leaf,
Fang Feng root,
Gambir STem,
Isatis Root,
& Licorice Root.

Its totally safe, and effective in supporting Respiratory Health, Throat Health, Maintaining a healthy immune system, and Helping you to breath better and easier.

Theres so many great things you can find at your local naturals store. I suggest you check it out, ask questions, get pamphlets,....Even check out your farmers Market. Trust me, Its as fun as shopping at Victoria Secrets or another one of those crazy expensive stores....

Thanks for reading, hope you are one step closer in organically growing your family.. :)

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