Sunday, January 29, 2012

This blog has no title. :-)

Hello Blogging World, And Devout Readers/ (Over-Begged and Indulgent Friends)

Well, My blogs are certainly becoming further apart. I think the excitement of being able to say, "yeah I have my own web page" has worn off. I do love doing it though. I found that as I go through my day I catch myself saying,"Oh I cant wait to blog about that"!!!

I Usually do and then I get off on some overly passionate tangent. I just think that if someone takes the time to explain to you all the dangers of your home, food, etc.... Why wouldn't you want to change. At least one thing.

Ok, See there I go. :-)

Well, This week we tossed the Microwave. Im proud to say its been a whole week and nobody died. My husband did have an accident one cold night where he craved some Taco Lasagna after I fell asleep... He later confessed to plugging in the microwave in the laundry room. lol.

It seems like it would be difficult at first but its really not to bad. If you figure the only thing you need to microwave are frozen dinners, popcorn in a bag, something processed, and leftovers....And we don't eat anything with an ingredient list. I just pop in the leftover casserole for 10 minutes and its hot again.

I also was telling you how we cut the grocery bill in half,..... That's proving to be quite the stress reliever. Its amazing how many veggies and fruits I put on the conveyor belt now. In fact: I completely bypass all the center isles, end caps, and frozen section at the store. No lunch meats, frozen foods, margarine, artificial anythings. That's alittle harder. But I feel relieved and like some kind of incredible super mom when i see that I shopped the outer ends of the store and have no ingredient list.

Lets see,....... What else... Oh the NO POO challenge. I have had some difficult moments, I wont lie. If I screw up and use to much b.soda, I fight to get it silky again. If I scrub really good, I have no oily hair for at least 4 days. But that I have some agitating tangles near the roots. Its been touch and go this week. I found that fresh squeezed Lemon is fricken magic. lol. The bottled stuff is not considerably...."A JOKE"
I will be heading to another larger health food store this week, Hoping to find an organic all natural shampoo. And maybe a conditioner, Fingers crossed. Dont get me wrong, my hair is super clean and I love the shine and the way its self lightened two shades, But Im tired of trial and error. At least for a while.

Ummm, what else. .....

I have come up with some amazing recipes this week.
Instead of cinnamon rolls with icing. I made Strawberry Jam Rolls with a fresh lemon glaze.. It was amazing.

2 cups Jiffy Mix
2/3 cup milk...

Mix til it forms a dough, Then kneed 20 or so times. Roll into a 15x9 rectangle.
Spread with a homemade strawberry Jam or An organic spread.
A dash of cinnamon, Then roll Lentghwise.
Cut into 1 inch strips and place on a prepared baking sheet.

350- for 10 minutes.

After ten minutes, remove them from the oven and drizzle your icing on top. Then put back in for 5 minutes. Enjoy!

For the icing

Honey, Agave, (Or powdered sugar)
1/2 of a lemon zested.

Make a thin liquid to your desired sweetness.

I think that's it for now. I will post later this week, First can I share with you guys something.
 I know nobody wants to hear the girl that preaches Natural, Healthy, Simple, Sustainability, Say that she is not heaklthy... But seriously. Not so much.

I think that why I finally decided to go all in with this. Force my children and husband to jump in.

3 years ago I found out I had a tumor. There was 8 or 9 different medical opinions, from Doctors, and Surgeons, and even the Xray Techs.  What was a small issue that could be cut out or seared, then became a mass, which was then possibly cancerous, then it was benign, then it was my hormones. Then I was a 23 yr old with the possibilty of menopause, and screwed up hot FLASHES.

Now Im a 26 yr old with No answer., Why!?!? Because after all those opinions and not one damn diagnosis and 3 small babies to raise, I never went back. I didnt return the phone calls or reevaluate the surgery options, or the drug treatments.  No body could agree, no body knew what the hell they were looking at.....So i gave up... Yup. I figured it would go away. But it didnt.

Now I live with excrutiating pain at least 10 days a month and manageble pain the rest. I have hot flashes and bone aches, and I am ALWAYS nauseus. I am always sick. And I am ALWAYS tired. The tired never ends. I feel tired usually within ten minutes of waking up. And then i am fatigued all day. All day Everyday of my life. It sums up to constant pain, nausea, exhaustion, mood swings, and hot flashes every day for the last three years. It makes everyday a challenge. EVen simple things like walking to the bus stop, Talking on the phone, Making dinner....Even moving off the couch,..... a horrible inconvenience, sometimes, I cant even remember what pain free is like. My tolerence to pain has become so high that childbirth would be a breeze....seriously!

 Why you would want to know that is beyond me, But I needed to vent...(Mostly because after only a 5 hour day at work) I am completely torn down, Laying in bed,....fighting back the constant urge to vomit.) I am hoping along the way I will find the answer my body needs to fight this....Whatever "THIS" is and to prevent my children from being sick like this....

Anyways, The hubbers has yet another comforting bath going, So Ive gotta go but well catch up on a better day this week. Thanks for reading...

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