Saturday, January 21, 2012

Ok, so I know its been a few days. But trust me I needed a little vacation. The husband is home from being on the road, and I got some much needed down time.
I knew when my head achieved a complete 360 degree rotation, that it was time to go into hiding.

But It opened some awesome doors. I got to spend grown up time having grown up conversation with some real live grown ups. (Score) I went to work, I grocery shopped....(You'll be happy to know, That not only did I not buy anything with an ingredient label, But I also cut my grocery bill in half!!!)

True Story!!

I also went to the library to check out some amazing books, I HIGHLY recommend

"Super Natural Home" by Beth Greer.

The first chapter is incredible. The first page is Incredible. I was totally hooked after the first line.

I suggest you check it out.!!

So, After The library, the bank, the Grocery store and a lunch date with friends, Me and the hubbers, Drove to the Trading Post. The Trading Post is a store run by two of the most lovely people Ive met here in Kentucky.
Betty Yoder showed me some amazing herbs, took me into her herb room, and taught a few valuable things.

Needless to say I will be back!!

I picked up almost a half pound of Lavender flowers, Some Chamomile flowers, Peppermint Oil, Lemon Oil, Castile Soap, And some tea.

I cam home, Put away all my organic foods:-) And made some Laundry soap and shampoo.

Did I mention that the reason I went was for my stomach bug ridden child....

Betty Gave me some Peppermint oil to rub on Cheyennes tummy which, combined with Lavender bath, (Boil the lose flowers in a tea pot then strain the water into the bath, Otherwise the flowers stick to you and the walls...)
And the Chamomile and Fennel seed tea made her feel 100 times better. (Fennel seed is a common kitchen spice.)

(I rubbed the peppermint right on her tummy and it subsided her aches, Then I stirred her tea with my finger which put the peppermint oil in her tea. You really only need to tip of a tooth pick dipped in oil for the tea. This Essential Oil is incredibly strong. It can be rubbed on the bottom of feet for temperatures, and rubbed on the temple for a head ache.)

(Chamomile soothes Pain in the stomach as does Fennel Seed.)

And I was amazed at how a sickness that ran its course of 7 painful days on me, Lasted only 2 days on her.

I also used some of those lavender flowers along with the Castile soap to make Laundry detergent that smells good and cleans!

The laundry soap was
1/2 cup castile soap.
1/2 cup borax or baking soda.
A fresh squeezed lemon.
And fill the remainder of the container with lavender water.

I use 1/4 cup of the detergent in a full load. To soak your whites use borax and make a pate to rub on them, Let the stain sit for an hour or so, then wash.

And hang your clothes in the sun to naturally and harmlessly bleach them.

 These are my Lavender flowers. Just a 1/4 cup in a tea pot makes for a wonderful bath soak. (Great for cranky kids, or tired moms)
Here's my Hoosier, with the body soap, and hair conditioning rinse, and Laundry detergent that I so proudly made.

I know that as a nation we have become so dependant on the finer things in life also being the convenient and easier things in life, But knowing what I know now, I could never put these things into my children's bodies, or into our homes without feeling horrible. Without knowing exactly what I was doing. By continuing to live the was we have, Im saying to my kids, "Hey its a gamble, of course, but Im going to willing let you get childhood leukemia, obesity, diabetes, heart disease, breast cancer, cavities, lower your I.Q, and possibly watch you die before me." "why, Because Chef Boyardee, is easier and less time consuming, Fruit Loops is easier than Fresh Fruit,... Mc Donald's gives you a toy.... And that's just the food friends.

Did you know conventional non organic popcorn lists 33 insecticides, 38 herbicides, 5 fumigants, 15 fungicides, and 4 misc chemicals in the Popcorn Boards 2008 AGRI CHEMICAL HANDBOOK.

That's crazy!!! Why not just top your BUTTER-O-MATIC with some spray paint. And they say feeding yourself nonorganic fruit is like buying fruit and then spraying roach spray on it and taking a big ole bite...Why? Why would we continue to live and eat like this if we are aware.

I am changing my home. You can change yours.

*Try Buying foods that have NO INGREDIENT LIST, or a small ingredient list, with words you understand.

*Also, Try cleaning your home with organic natural cleaners or homemade ones out of white vinegar and baking soda.

*And shop the Shoppers List of fruit and veggies. By the Dirty Dozen organic. You find this list in a  previous blog.

Just by changing those 3 things you've already improved your child's life and your own greatly.

Before I go, I wanted to update you on the NO POO challenge. I have been washing my hair without conventional shampoo for almost 2 weeks.  I noticed the color has gotten much lighter, and it smells great. Ive only had to wash it 3 times. And that's pushing it. I could probably get away with washing it once a week. The oil has diminished greatly, it shines and sparkles.

I had an issue on the second wash where I used to much baking soda and it was kinda dry/crunchy feeling, so I got in the bath and just washed it with a honey rinse. Problem solved. All hair types are different. And we've spent our whole lives putting these chemicals on it, so there is a period where your hair goes through changes, Just like your body does during a pregnancy. If you cant hold out during these changes and experiment with your hair, than try a natural organic chemical free shampoo from the Health Food Store.

Thanks for reading everyone. If you have any questions let me know,

I hope you are one step closer to Organically Washing your House of its over chemically run lifestyle.


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