Saturday, January 14, 2012

Everyday Kitchen

Heres a few things I did yesterday.
Just want to share.

I love going grocery shopping. I love coming home with fresh produce, and aromatic herbs. Or soft breads.
What I dont love is how after a week, my produce is already obtaining bruises, and growing eyes, and becoming slightly discolored or displaying a bit of a soft five o clock shadow.

It seems like everything is getting more expensive and the quality is becoming crappier.

Apples-Bruised within 3 days,
Grapes, squishy within 7 days,
Bananas- black withing 5 days,
Strawberries- Guaranteed when i get them home to wash them there will be a moldy one in the middle,
Celery-limp and Browning with 7 days, (TRICK-give it an ice bath before using, it will stiffen)
Potatoes- About 1/2 down the bag they have tentacles.
Baby Carrots- Within a week and a half they have a slimy coating.

So I decided after having to throw out a batch of sh!%%y produce from a crappy store,....
(insert me rolling my eyes and exhaling strongly)
That it was time to resolve my costly dilemma.

I took a bag of potatoes and diced some for frying with onions and rosemary.
Made a bag of potatoes sliced for Potatoes Au Gratin.
And a couple bags of Potatoes Chunked for mashed Potatoes.

I diced up 2 bags of celery for cooking, and 1 with the leaves and heart for stews and stock.
I diced the onions.
And I froze the unused baby carrots...

I also Found new ways to use FLAX SEED and WHEAT GERM...
Pancakes! Yum, Who doesn't love Pancakes, especially when Your kid had a sleep over, And You want to play Perfect Mommy/Host,...

Well ditch the cereal, Forget Pop Tarts...(who even feeds their kids those anymore) And whip up your favorite batch of pancakes.

Add a palm full of wheat Germ,
A Palm Full of Flax Seeds,
a teaspoon of Cinnamon,
Teaspoon of vanilla extract,
And a pinch of Nutmeg,


Homemade whipped cream.
or the ever popular Maple Syrup,...... And maybe serve with a side of Chicken and Sage Sausage, or some Eggs.

Then There was the ever popular, TRIPLE BERRY BREAD WITH STRUESEL TOPPING.
Make your favorite coffee cake recipe, Add blueberries, Strawberries, and Cranberries.
Then Top with Home made struesel.

Hiding the good stuff in your kids food is a great way to get them to take in vitamins, spices, and herbs they wouldn't normally want.

Flax seed is a wonderful way to get them Omega 3's. I don't know about you but my kids only wanted that omega gummy once. They said the fish taste was nasty and that was the end of that. lol

How do you sneak in your vitamins???


  1. Mamma mia quanto hai lavorato, bravissima!!!

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  2. Ok, the translator says, "Oh Mama, How much youve worked, Very Good.

    thank you very much for the compliment and for reading my blog.