Saturday, March 3, 2012

The month of february!

Sorry it's been a few weeks. So much has happened in my. Crazy hectic life. My 4 year old was sick, twice. My son turned 7, and had some tests run. And my 8 yr old is currently soaking in a tub. My husband at some point this week said ,"when it rains, it pours"!
What a true statement. It seems like if it could happen to us it did.

Let me start out with, I missed you guys so much. Every corner that held something new was a moment I thought, dang, I need to share this with OGIK!

Ok well it all started about three weeks ago when my youngest got sick. I tried everything to make her better. Turned out she had bronchitis! She had to go on breathing treatments and medicine to keep her from having breathing attacks. Just so happens this awful week my husband was trucking through The lower U.S. And could be of no assistance. I did what I could with eucalyptus oil as a topical oil on her chest, which really helped open her lungs when shed have a spasm, and peppermint oil for her temps, and after 8 days it finally went away. It was a long process in which I lost my job because I requested a day off to care for my child. I won't name names or point fingers because, I'm nicer than that, but if I wasn't, I say this particular company employees it's share of jack asses any how:-) And I am better off :-)

My baby went back to school for a total of 4 days. On Day 4 she came home with a temperature of 102. I took her home, gave her a cool cloth, and let her sleep. She was so tired. She slept all that day, and most of the next. She would eat then sleep, and wake up for an hour, then go back to sleep. Around 2 pm that day she spiked a fever that registered 103.8 under the arm. I immediately took her to her doctors where she was admitted to the hospital. She spent a week in a croup O2 tent. Meds around the clock every 3 hours, over 1100 ml of heavy duty antibiotics and 2 IV's. She was dehydrated and they couldn't figure out what was wrong. They said RSV. Swine flu, seasonal flu, pneumonia etc. Turns out she had pneumonia, sinal bronchitis and the flu. Happy to say she's now home and well.

Unfortunately the rest of the family caught her flu bug including my poor dad who may be hospitalized because of it. Please pray for him.

My son had a strange spot form over night on his scalp four weeks ago. We were concerned with the possibility that it may be cancerous, so our amazing family doctor took a sample of it. I'm please to say that it is just a mole.

Now we are semi caught up to date, the whole family is sick with the flu, and
My oldest child is on antibiotics for her throat. She had been on them 4 days when me and the baby came home from the hospital. (did I meantion I managed to avoid all sickness until the day she was declared better and was released, then I became ill) Anyways, the day after I got back I noticed some red dots on my oldest daughter. The next day she was covered. Every inch of her. If I tried to play connect the dots,....I'd have been there a long time. Turns out she's allergic to the penicillin family.

See, I told you it was a long few weeks.
I officially hate public schools with there germ ridden children. Hey um... Parents, if you're child is sick, man up and stay home and take care of your child. Don't send them to school for someone else to babysit. Eventually they sneeze or cough, then those water droplets infused with death float around in the air until they make contact with someone's mucus membranes and BAM!!! I have a sick kid. Obviously I'm from California where the PTA just gangs up and kicks your butt, however, here I'd have to kick alot of butts. So to spare me from losing friends, lol please keep your kids home.

Anyways, here's a few things I found to help..
I sponge bathed my rash baby with chamomile tea and after two baths, the rash got lighter. I'll continue to do this until it's gone.
Lavender tea(to drink) calms you inside and out and helps with infections, colds, and stomach aches.
And coconut oil, (which my amazing family doctor told me about) is great on eczema and dry skin. I'm still finding uses for it so I'll let you know as I find them.

I challenge you to venture out and see what amazing things hide in your spice cupboard.


  1. "When it rains it pours".... glad I could hold a lil umbrella for you from cali.... You are amazing!

  2. Well anonymous, it was much needed and we are so thankful for all the prayers that went out. This blog doesn't hold a candle to the tears and fright and stress that were felt, and all those prayers and hands that lifted us to God are what pulled us all through. So thank you.