Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Bloated, Tired, And not So sexy!

So I finally just finished a movie that I had set out months ago to watch. No It didn't take me that long to watch it, It took me that long to get it.
Some people have Netflix. I have Blockbuster, (Blockbuster will be the next Hollywood Video.) That statement is only relative to my Californian Readers....(HWV is outta business because they act alot like BB does.) I ordered the movie months ago and it turned from, Available to short wait, to Long Wait. I waited so long that when it came in the mail I was shocked and had totally forgotten about it.

I know the anticipation is killing you. Its Called.....

"Fat Sick and Nearly Dead". Now I had seen clips, trailers, youtube recipes, etc. But everything in between was missing.

My point is that it was a great movie and I cant wait to start Juicing.
Bypassing the texture and weight of the fruit in your digestive tract and just consuming the juices gives you more intake of your Daily 5 and does amazing things for your body. It allows your body to help heal itself from the inside out.

My dad, who has health issues due to cancer and a handful of botched surgical procedures and removals..(Thank you Zion Hospital, ((in San Diego Ca))......... Watched the movie after I did, And has already ordered his Juicer in hopes of losing weight, dropping all the meds, and looking twenty again. lol. (funny joke dad)

Now I know if you're like me, You look at this whole Juicing idea and think, Oh great, PREVENTATIVE MEASURES cost too much.  I cant afford to juice 3 times a day, organic fruits and veggies,....!!!

Thats why Im not going that route. Im going to replace 1 meal a day, and my coffee.....maybe......hopefully........(We'll see). And instead of buying all organic Im going to stick with the Dirty Dozen and Clean 15.
If you're wondering what that is, you can find it in one of my previous post.

The machine we've decided on is the Jack Lalanne Ultimate Juicer. Its 99 Dollars and has a lifetime warranty. That's about the going rate at Walmart except those arent crafted as beautifully. And Im told you get 30 percent more juice with this baby!!! Then a recipe book that tells you how to turn your pulp into muffins.

My dad already ordered his and I cant wait to try some Juice, Just as soon as I get mine Ill update you all on the delicious amazing goodness I will be drinking.

I suggest you all watch the movie...

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