Saturday, December 31, 2011

Where i started,...

I am one of those girls that always knew exactly what I wanted,....In highschool while everyone else wanted to go off to college and have huge careers, I was content with the idea of becoming a wife and mother as soon as i could tie down a good man and the state laws of age requirement would allow.
I met my husband at 17 and was married by 18.,..
when we got married I couldnt cook very well, Top Ramen posed a challenge, as well as Macaroni and Cheese. Had it not been for my mother in law Grilled Cheese would have never come to life..
(Im not kidding)
Have you ever seen a scorched scrambled egg? That was me. Boiled water was a difficulty. lol
Somehow I managed to throw together Hamburger Helper or Tuna Helper, But Im pretty sure that was only because you throw a bunch of crap in one skillet, fill it with water and set in on low. You could take a shower, iron some clothes(another thing I couldnt do)run a mile, and when you come back, sure enough that Hamburger Helper was fluffy and steamy and one pan goodness was accomplished.
Thats not saying much for my wonderful cooking skills that Ive incurred over the last 9 yrs, but I promise you I learned.

Lets go back a little. I came from women that were strong and talented...Now adays everyone tries to keep up with the latest trend, fashion, idea... We want to raise our kids based on what Vtech, or one of those My baby Can Read ad says. We have to have those expensive diapers,(because huggies or Luvs has some kind of magical rash fighting tendencies that Target brand doesnt...)
And We put our kids in these special daycares that bring out there inner artist or inner genius. We give them Eddie Bauer brand 5 point harness carseats, and special teething rings, and everything the market has told us to get, everything the "specialists" tell us to use, we use. We dont spank, we dont do timeouts, we let them express there behavior...or send them to a pshycologist....seriously? Media "matters": This is saying we believe what the tv ads tell us to believe.

People.....this is crap. lol.

Like I was saying, I come from strong women, women who raised there familys with there hands...
My daddy grew up in the Appalachian mountains of Tennessee. His momma and his Grandma worked there farm. They canned there food, they killed there animals, they made everything in the ground obtainable and useful to themselves. They cooked from sun up to sun down, Hand washed the clothes in wash tubs.....

Thats what Im going to do. I want you to come along with me, try new things with me, or just read as I try them. I think theres a serious problem with this generation and the upcoming one. Kids are overweight, they are lazy...Video Games replaced the outdoors. Junk food is a staple. People will put anything in their kids body if it comes off a store shelf. OTC Medicines are killing kids, Parents are overdosing them, Vaccines are causing mental growth issues and spinal retardation.
Im going to address all these....

This is what I am passionate about. It took years to realize it...Here we go.

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