Friday, December 30, 2011

This is the beginning......

So this isn't my first blog (actually ...its my 3rd)...Im kind of a blogger big deal, like a blog connoisseur.
Except the first two failed. I cant even remember what the first one was about, i do know that it was the new cool thing to do and I was so ready to blog, and blog..and blog. I am pretty sure I thought i could blog til my fingers bled and it was be this huge thing with quite the following, but then after two blogs i was bored. The second was an attempt to share with my friends all my recipes, (some are pretty fantastic), and most the followers enjoyed them quite a bit, But then I realized when I put together my southern cuisine cook book, None of you would buy it because you could totally just go on the blog....
So I guess Im not really a connoisseur, but more of a dabbler...ha ha yes a dabbler.

Then I realized you would have to blog about something that you are passionate about. So, this blog..(3rd times a charm right.) is going to be a hit.
Follow me, and I am going to bring you on my journey from Cali to Kentucky and how Ive decided as a mother to raise my family organically,...
(And were sticking w/this one!)

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