Saturday, December 31, 2011

The family that gardens together...Stays together.

So Geneo and I have been talking for a couple weeks about starting a compost pile. Ive been working the land were Im going to be putting in a garden. Its going to be 100 feet long by 30 feet wide. Thats just the veggies. Then were going to have a few potatoes mounds, (sure to produce enough winter potatoes to sustain a small farm) and the berries bushes, and melon patches. Weve planned on Corn, Carrots, Cucumbers, Beans, Peas, Peppers, Strawberries, Tomatoes, Celery, Brussel Sprouts, Brocolli and cauliflower, Eggplants, and a few more things.
Anyways, Its going to be all organic.
No chemicals, pesticides, fertilizer, etc.
Everything we do use will be all natural.

So we agreed yesterday was the day to make a bin.
We scouted the property for old wood that was usable. We managed to Recycle and Reuse 5 Hay pallets, and some Ply-wood And some old flooring pieces left over. With a tarp and 50 screws, all that wood and Geneos ingenuity we came up with an amazing box. We added a few barrels of soil, some ashes from the burn pile, horse manure, alfalfa, dead leaves and grass clippings and then spent an hour digging up earthworms.
Composting really is so easy. The most difficult thing would be the turning of the pile every week. If you doubted your ability to grow bisceps and triceps,...just continue turning a compost pile. Lol
You can throw most everything in this box. From Hair and cardboard, eggshells, coffee grounds, kitchen scraps(no meat or fat or bones),... to unpaid bills and old wool socks. :)
And Every week take a pitch fork or shovel and just stir the post so that your getting air done into the soil.
The more that it breaks down the easier it gets to turn.
Anyways, it was a wonderful lesson for the kids, not only that by recycling things you have on hand, they dont go to waste and you dont have to spend extra money,...But that all of there hard work is going to feed our crops all season. It was such a pleasure watching them and the excitement they had. And also the respect for what they were about to help grow.

And on another note:
Ive found some wonderful ideas for pest control in your garden with no chemicals.

1.Mix homemade garden sprays using water and plants (or dried powders) from the garden such as hot peppers, onions and garlic. Add a drop of dish detergent to help the solution stick and store in a spray bottle to apply to infested vegetables or flowers.

2.Make a trap for slugs by placing a shallow dish of beer in the garden. Slugs and snails will go in to drink the fermented liquid and die instantly, Also you can sprinkle oats around the bed of your garden which will cause the slugs to expand and die.

3.Visit the pantry for some homemade pesticides that are commonly available. Sprinkle flour or powdered sugar on cabbageworms and table salt on slugs and snails.

There are so many things you can do to grow your very own garden at home with lots of land or with little space at all. And every little bit you do not only encourages our future generations, but teaches them survival skills, and adds some unaltered healthy items into there diet.

                                                          START AN HERB GARDEN
This one is simple and almost fool proof. All you need a sunny porch or window where you can plant your herbs. Some good compost or potting soil, some seeds and of course the pots to put them in.
Herbs are so fun to watch grow and not only make great spices, but make for a beautiful fragrant indoor plant. Not to meantion the healing qualities that so many herbs and plants have for headaches, infections, ailments, etc. (thats a whole nother blog post)

~heres a fun idea.
                                                         HOW TO GROW POTATOES
With 4 old tires you can grow potatoes all year. Start with one tire and a sprouting potato. Place the potatoes in the dirt then cover. As it grows out about 8 inches, place another tire on top and cover it again with soil. This makes the plant revert back to root stages to continue growing upward to the light. Then it sprouts off individual roots and on each one you can expect 3 or 4 potatoes. You do this up until the fourth tire, Once youve put the fourth tire on allow it to bloom flowers. Make sure to always keep your soil very wet until the flower blooms out of the 4th tire. Once it blooms slow down your watering until the blooms dies back. Within 2-3 weeks after your ready to harvest. Take back the tires and let the pounds and pounds of potatoes come out. Leaving them unwashed, allow them to dry out for a few days and then keep them in a moist cool dark area all winter.

Growing tomatoes or beans is also a great idea for someone with limited space. Any vegetable that grows up instead of down would be perfect for an apartment porch or a sun room, or any area that stays warm and gets lots of sun light.

Ill start posting pics with my blog as soon as I can so you can go through all these processes with us.
I hope you all can take with you some of these wonderful ideas and maybe organically grow your family too.
Thanks for reading today..

(And let me know if you have questions or would like me to write about anything inparticular)

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